Honeycomb Hotel NYC

Honeycomb Hotel

Honeycomb is a reflection on a model of low cost hotel based on an original structural concept where recycled freight containers serve as both support envelope for prefabricated interior fittings and formwork for the concrete superstructure built on site. On these prerequisites, the design of the unit/ hotel room is conceived from the inside by partially covering the container’s exposed corrugated walls with panels and cabinets in relation with future occupants’ uses and needs.

The thick facade is a living space that accommodates a bed across the width of the unit. From the outside the white Corian facade is regular, and reveals in various ways the activity and the living force inside the hive.
Address: Manhattan, NY, USA
Client: Cape Advisors Inc.
Size: 80,000 SF
Completion date: unknown – studies in progress
Program: 100 key hotel
Type of mission: Design Architect
Consultants: Tocci Engineering (structure)

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